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Ways to Attract New Patients

Ways to Attract New Patients seems to be complicated sometimes, but, let us tell you some advices. Let’s look realistically, to find a dental office, people are no longer looking for newspapers at newsstands but searching in major internet search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. About 80% of all potential customers without a recommendation in the dental industry come from Internet search engines. That is why it is very important to find the right path to patients. With digital marketing, it’s all a lot easier, but with the right strategy, you have to come up with a digital marketing team that works for you. Social media has opened the door to new opportunities for dentists and made their business much easier. But you need to come up with new ideas to attract as many people as possible.

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Get started with your website

Your website is most important when it comes to digital marketing. It’s like your virtual office. Patients at this address can find out all the necessary information. When they decide to visit you, your website should include contact and address, and other interesting things that will attract patients.

Be active on social media

Social media is a place where your target audience socializes and a platform where they share their recommendations. You will be able to communicate with patients on social networks and find out their ideas, suggestions and advice through comments. Try to get the maximum number of likes so that many people hear about you. Post interesting content that includes valuable tips and information. Publish sweepstakes in which your “friends” will participate on social networks. Use tricks that will involve potential patients in interacting with your online practice.

Photos ” before and after ”

People want to see what they will look like after your treatment. That is why it is a great idea but also a great advertisement to take pictures of patients before and after and show the results on your website, Facebook, Instagram. This will greatly attract your patients and will interest them. They will want to look and have similar results. It is important to have excellent image quality and it is equally important to make sure you have optimized these images for SEO.

Targeted audience

Target audiences are important when considering your brand and the way you advertise on different platforms. This connects the motive of your marketing with the actual method. If you don’t tailor your dental marketing strategies, your efforts will be in vain. Is your target audience the audience that wants aesthetically more beautiful teeth and a smile? Or your target audience is the one who has health problems with teeth and gums and wants an adequate solution. You need to find a way to reach your audience.

Ways to Attract New Patients

Focus on keywords

When offering your services, you should mention them on the website, as we mentioned in the previous section.
Keywords are very important to SEO and you should put emphasis on local SEO. This includes words that patients usually search for. For example the word ”urgent”. As it can be “urgent tooth repair”, or “urgent tooth removal”. It is very important to focus on that part.


Communication with potential patients is very important. It is important that you communicate with the audience through your blogs, websites, descriptions and posts. In this way, you will interest them and answer questions that may interest them in advance.

Make special offers

What we all enjoy and what we all love to see are of course discounts and free offers. Also, patients like to see that you offer them various benefits and advantages when it comes to your dental service. Include various discounts, free tips or free routine checkups in your offer. You will be amazed at how much of an effect this will leave on an interested audience.

Small tricks can mean big steps and shifts for great success. All that matters is a good strategy.

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