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Find new patients with digital marketing & paid media advertising.

Find The Right Patients For Your Practice

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising gives your dental practice the ability to create highly targeted marketing campaigns that will allow you to connect with local users who have a higher probability of becoming patients. Our PPC experts use platforms like Google Ads, Bing, and Facebook to increase your exposure to new potential patients.  The beauty of this type of advertising is that it is highly targeted. In other words,  you can choose to only show your ads to users living in in the area where you practice and to targeted demographics. Our PPC experts will be able to target  potential patients based on the following criteria:
  1. Geography
  2. Demographics
  3. Age
  4. Devices used ( PC, phone, etc..)
  5. Interests
  6. Gender
We will work with you to understand the best targeting and most profitable strategy for your practice. Our team can run tests with different targeting strategies to ensure that you’re PPC campaigns are appearing for the users who are most likely to convert to patients.
What Can PPC Do for Your Dental Practice?
PPC advertising can significantly increase your bottom line by allowing you to reach more prospective patients online with highly targeted marketing campaigns. Some of the benefits of PPC for dental practices include:
  1. Increased online visibility – PPC advertising is one the fastest and easiest way to reach the top of the search engine results pages. It is much faster than waiting months for search engines to organically rank your site. PPC places you at the top of searches almost instantly.
  2. Beat your competition fast– Dentistry is a highly competitive market, reaching the top of the search engine results can seem impossible. This is especially true if your website is new. Using PPC to pay for top placement gives you premium exposure fast.
  3. Highly targeted website traffic – Studies indicate that about 5% of searchers click paid advertisements, but that 5% is also much more likely to pay for your services than the average Internet user. For example, if you are running PPC ads for a term searched at least 500 times per month, this highly interested 5% could mean at least 25 new patients each month.
  4. Easily control over spending – When running PPC ads, you set your maximum daily budget, so you never spend more than you want. You are always in control, you can always stop the PPC ads at any time.
  5. Effective Keyword management – When our PPC experts set up each advertising campaign, they choose the keywords that are right for your practice and your location.
  6. Track success live– Unlike traditional SEO, the return on investment for PPC ads is easy to track. With traditional SEO, you have to wait until search engines index your site before you can see your tracking results. When running PPC campaigns via Google Ads, your entire campaign is tracked, showing you the precise impact it has on your web traffic and practice marketing efforts.

Can PPC advertising deliver my dental practice immediate results?

Yes, absolutely. PPC ads are essentially ads that you pay for each time a viewer clicks it and is sent to your website. With PPC ads you must first bid on keywords for placement. If you bid the highest for a keyword and someone searches said keyword, your ad will be at the top of the paid search listings. Therefore, you could see targeted web traffic in a matter of hours.

Can I use PPC to advertise my dental practice on my own?

Yes, and your patients can also do their own dentistry at home, but we don’t recommend it. You can always run your own PPC campaigns, but is that’s not where your time and skills will be most valuable. You can set up a Google Ads or Bing account and begin creating and running PPC ads right away. You can change things up at any time – offers, text, bids – to test what gets you the best results. Unfortunately, simply creating ads without an overarching search market strategy often leads to high PPC costs and low conversion rates. And that won’t grow your dental practice.
The most profitable thing you could devote your time to is dentistry. Your high level skills and time are most valuable to your practice and your patients. If you are ready to tap into the 97% of consumers doing local searches for the dentistry you offer then Top Business Solutions can help you create and implement a plan to meet your practice’s growth goals – without taking you away from your patients.

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