Increase your dental staff knowledge

Our dental staff training solution offers a way to quickly train new staff on the basics of your dental practice and offers ongoing training to sharpen the skills of your existing staff.

Our solution

Hiring the best dental team, being a good boss, and adhering to key dental regulations are some of the key factors to having a successful dental team. Unfortunately that’s not enough. In order for your dental office to function optimally you have to have the right dental staff training systems in place to ensure effective and efficient patient care and practice continuity.

In today’s fast-paced dental offices, staff turnover is a reality. When this occurs it takes its toll on the morale of whole team. Team members and doctors are left filling in the gaps and having to retrain new staff. It’s a bad situation for everyone on the dental team, especially the doctors and practice administrators.

Basic Modules include:



Dental office workflow

Front desk workflow

Advanced modules include:

Key practice reports

Marketing for the dental office

Case presentation basics

New patient experience

Time management for Entrepreneurs

Goal Setting

Limitless Mind


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