Why spent $30K to $40K a year on a consultant when you can do it for fraction of the cost?

The fact is that most dental practices have tens of thousands of dollars per year worth of outstanding dental cases that are not accepted. Most dental practices have around a 40% to 60% case acceptance rate.  That means that at least 40% of patients are not doing their treatment at your office. These are cases that have slipped through the cracks and will not return. Even worse, they will go to your competitors down the street and get the work done for almost the same price.

Increase your case acceptance rate

It is time to realize your practice’s for potential by increasing your case acceptance rate to 70%, 80%, 90% or more.  This can easily mean an additional $30K, $50K, $100K per year or more of revenue with the same amount patients you are already seeing.

Most dental offices use our Caser Acceptance System as part of the regular training for their new staff while others keep coming back to use it regularly as a refresher to sharpen their case presentation skills and case closing skills.

In & Out

In & out

Learn the ins and outs of dental case acceptance system directly from the pros.

Succesfull implementation


We have successfully presented over $5 million worth of dental oral surgery cases.

Increase revenue


Using our system you can increase your revenue by $25K, $50K, or $100K per year without any more new patients than what you are currently seeing.

User friendly

Easy to use

It is user friendly and easy to follow.

Our dental case acceptance system

Is easy to follow with proven results

Is broken up into modules for easier learning

Comes with all the forms you need

Includes complete patient communication templates

Uses video learning to make it easy for the whole team

Is designed to minimize the workload for the dentist and office administrator

Engages your dental team and provides team accountability

Increases cross selling

Helps keep patients in your practice

Will increase your practice revenue

Guaranteed results


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