Social Media for Dentists

Social media is an extraordinary marketing opportunity for dentists and dental professionals that are looking to market their practices without breaking the bank. We have many options to suit your dental practice.

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Dental Case Acceptance System

It is time to realize your practice’s full potential by increasing your case acceptance rate to 70%, 80%, 90% or more.  Our proven system can easily add additional $30K, $50K, or $100K of revenue with the patients you are already seeing.

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Dental Staff Training

One of the toughest part of owning a dental practice is elevating the quality of care and staff knowledge in your dental office. This is why continuous staff training is a crucial part of any dental practice. Our staff training solutions offer a great way to retrain existing staff and help new staff get up to speed quickly.

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Increase The Bottom Line of Your Dental Office Today

Combine dental marketing with staff training to get the most powerful results for your dental practice. A small investment in your dental practice today can pay off for years to come.

A Strong Case Acceptance System Can Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Many dentists are busy, but never realize the full potential of their dental practice. Instead they react by trying to get more patients in the door, by increasing marketing efforts with little thought and poor Return On Investment (ROI). Unfortunately, this just means more work for everybody on the team and more stress for the dentist and administrator with very little additional revenue to show for it. It can be daunting, like trying to catch more fish with a net that has holes in it. The first step should be to focus on maximizing your case acceptance rate, thereby maximizing the amount of dentistry that you are diagnosing with the patients that are already coming into your dental practice. This is like plugging the holes in the net in order to catch more fish!


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