It’s time to jump on the social medial bandwagon. Countless dental practices have realized the positive effects that social media can have on their practice. It is time to leverage the immense power of social media to your marketing advantage.

Social media is an extraordinary marketing opportunity for dentists and dental professionals that are looking to market their practices without breaking the bank.  Social media is a part of everyday life for your patients and your potential new patients.

According to the Nielsen reports, more than 80% of all American adults are active on one or more social network.  Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other website.  In fact, approximately 23% of the time that an average user spends on the Internet is dedicated to social networking. Put the power of social media to work for your dental practice.

The benefits of social media for your practice are clear:
  • Get new patients
  • Increased visibility to a large number of potential patients
  • Personalized connectivity with existing patients
  • Practice image enhancement and branding
  • Dental practice self-promotion
  • Improved relationships with existing patients
  • High-targeted marketing
  • SEO benefits
  • Enhance online reputation
  • Patient testimonials
  • Spread the word about dental promotions
  • Gain professional clout
  • Partner with other professionals to increased dental awareness
  • Promote oral health through strategic partnerships
Let’s Get Started



Option 1

Social Media For Dentists


This is a great option for dental practices that prefer to handle their social medial in-house.  Easy to follow instructions and all the content is provided for you. No need to spend $6000 to $10,000 for a social media expert. With pour system anyone in your staff can be the social media guru for your practice. Its as simple as copy and paste. We provide you with a social media marketing plan for a full year that includes:

  • 50 Dental related social posts enough for 1 year (includes 3 to 4 post per week for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
  • 60 royalty-free images to include with your posts
  • 28 dental memes that can be customized with your practice logo and information
  • 30 Inspirational/Motivational quote images
  • 25 Famous quotes
  • 5 Image templates for your patient testimonials
  • 25 holiday posts for all major US holidays
  • 16 holiday images
  • Posting schedule
  • Instructions on how to automate and schedule your posts for the month (takes less than one hour!)
  • Ideas for quaterly promotions and contests
  • How to use social media to increase online reviews
  • Full instructions on how to maximize your social media efforts
  • Video instructions on how to schedule your posts


  • 30 additional inspirational quote images
  • FREE Report: 13 Proven Ways to get Tons of Facebook Followers
  • FREE Report: 13 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Your Facebook Page
  • FREE Report: 7 Insider Secrets to Creating the Best Facebook Page for your Small Business

Cost $995


Option 2

Social Media for Dentists

Self-Starter Plus

The self-starter plus option includes everything in the self-starter version plus these additional benefits:

  • Includes posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter 7 days a week
  • Dental related articles to post on your dental Blog (12 dental articles)
  • One-year access to our TBS social posting app that allows you to post to all your social media in one place

Coming soon!

Option 3

Social Media for Dentists


Jump into social media the easy way.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you. The fact is that as a dentist the most profitable thing that you and your staff can do is focused your time on dentistry and patient care.

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